Where to Focus for 2021

December 28, 2020

2021 is a chance for a new beginning!
We have learned so much about Zoom and technology this year and now 2021 is a chance to BUILD on your knowledge of technology!

Virtual business is NOT going away in 2021.
It’s only going to grow.
So get even savvier with Zoom, Google Drive, etc.

Now’s the time to be on your A-game with tech because we are only going to expand from this great Technology Pivot.

In-person meetings are going to come back. They will. But now that we know we can work from home or jump on a Zoom meeting, we all just might think twice about hopping on an airplane for 1 meeting.
Embrace it!

Those who do, WIN.

Everyone thinks that the calendar is going to flip to 2021 and everything is going to magically go back to normal.
But we can bring peace into the New Year and succeed.
Stop hiding under the covers! Your business WILL survive if you are DETERMINED to grow and not let it die or fold.

Yes, the entertainment industry is the exception. But artists are pivoting and innovating and succeeding anyway! More than ever, we need the creativity and artistry of musicians and performers. They are taking their craft online.
Movies are being pushed directly to the consumer.
(Don’t tell me that it’s SO SAD for the theatres. I know it is. But be inspired on how the movie industry is solving their problem. They are innovating. You need to innovate, too!)

With social media and TikTok, musicians can pump out a single and get IMMEDIATE feedback, instead of waiting for a record deal. This is innovation.

What can you do??
STOP being the victim. Stop playing defense. It’s time to win. It’s time to score.

Best Tips for 2021:

  • Online transactions will keep increasing. Keep selling online! Keep doing online lessons, if you are a music school. Keep your marketing TIGHT, though. No need to spread your marketing dollars all over the United States. Pound a 15 minute radius with your ad spend. When things open up, they will still be able to come to your events and recitals. Don’t get greedy to “expand worldwide!” Instead, get FOCUSED and ninja with your marketing dollars.
  • Zoom networking and meetings will hold steady and increase. Get a good web camera and a better microphone so you can show up as your best self. Make sure your background is clear and not distracting!
  • Be calm and keep pivoting. Continue to innovate. We will settle into the “new” that we have adopted. Be calm and keep going!
  • Pay attention to what your clients need. Then meet their needs! (This always wins and is the secret to a healthy, growing business.)

​I’m excited for 2021! Let’s do this.

Hi, I’m Jen Hickle!
I’ve loved business since I was a young teenager. I never wanted the corporate life, the commute, the rat race. Instead, I choose to take the backroads. We work at home and unschool our 4 kids. We travel whenever we can and have started multiple streams of income.

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